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deviation in storage by CelestialAzure
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++The Story++

The Lunaris Dwellings is a very "strange" mass of territory that is protected from two-legs by a very thick fog. Inside the Lunaris Dwellings there is massive mountains covered in trees that appear as if they were reaching towards the sky, not only does it consist of mountains but of forests and plains. The beauties of the Lunaris Dwellings are the Solus Pillars, and the Tree of Stars. According to ancient myths the Solus Pillars are where the entire origin of the Lunaris Dwellings began. The Solus Pillars are very alien to the locals who roam the Lunaris Dwellings. These five pillars contain symbols representing the stars and planets and the entire universe. To the cats of the Lunaris Dwellings it is a very sacred place that only those who have deserved the right to go there are the only ones permitted go there. That is where Leaders receive their lives. The Tree Of Stars is located very high up on Lunaris mountain the highest mountain in Lunaris Dwellings. The Tree of Stars overlooks a large lake that has been there for many many years. At the bottom of the lake there are many beautiful crystals that emit beautiful light. The lake has been given the name of "Lake of Light" due to the crystals. And all the time you can see space through the entire land of the Lunaris Dwellings due to the strange Solus pillars. Many cats tell many myths and the oldest myth of all originated from the Tree of Stars. They believe the Tree of Stars is the gateway to the rest of the universe. However it is only a myth, but some cats believe going to Starclan when they die is the key to opening the gateway. There are three clans that exist in Lunaris Dwellings, all cats receive names of planets, stars, constellations, comets, and many other things that originate from space.

Each cat is given a special stone or item to carry around with them when they become an apprentice. Very special cats commonly receive stones that come from crystals that are at the bottom of the lake of light that the Tree of Stars overlooks . These stones are not regular stones, but stones that most cats believe come from space. Lunaris Dwellings cats when they become a warrior must go and learn knowledge of two-leg science in order to better understand the mysterious places, myths, and landscapes of the Lunaris Dwellings. On this adventure they journey out of the Lunaris Dwellings and make their way to a observation laboratory. The observation laboratory is quiet most of the time, and not many two-legs go there. Unless on special occasions. And many locals of the the Lunaris Dwellings understand two-leg talk and so forth very well, because of their studies. Some cats even venture out to where the Elemental clans live far away from the Lunaris Dwellings cats. (Reference to #WC-Elemental-Storm)
There are also the Solus waterfalls and caverns that lay nearby the Solus pillars. And the Lunaris waterfalls and caverns as well. Sometimes on very rare occasions when a gathering is held shooting stars can be seen falling from the sky, due to the Solus pillars and even on special events planets can be seen.

Lunarisclan's territory is located around the Lunaris waterfalls and caverns, as well as in the forest of the Lunaris shrine, their neighbors being Solarisclan. While Cometclan lives high up in the forested mountains near a smaller lake of frozen water the clans call this lake the "Frozen tear", it's name coming from a myth of how the small frozen lake came to be. And finally Solaris clan lives in the forest and near the geysers and rivers of Lunaris Dwellings and they are located closer to the Solus pillars. Solarisclan is neighbors to Cometclan and Lunarisclan. Novaclan cats are famous for living in a enormous underground cavern known as the "Sanctuary". A cavern that is filled with mystical and enourmous crystals that can go up to about 30 feet tall or higher. Novaclan's camp rests on "Floating cavern islands" as most cats like to call these fasicnating structures. These islands appear hovering over a enormous pool of water called the "Pool of Eternal Harmony". The cavern surprisingly supports plant life and animal life down there too. Natural light shines through large cracks that local Novaclan cats like to call "Graceful lights." There are multiple ways to access the large cavern. They are neighbors to Lunarisclan and Solarisclan




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firevampirecat Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hey! Radio? 
Umm...In the current Elemental Storm roleplay Icefire has now finally arrived in Lunaris Dwelling territory on the other side of the fog...What should happen next and how should the roleplay go on with the Lunaris cats?
CelestialAzure Feb 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Hmm. Perhaps an encounter with one of the clan leaders? {Lunarisclan, since Neptune and Jupiter come from that clan]
firevampirecat Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Sure! (Lunarisclan's leader is Saturnstar? Right?)
Should we continue with the same thread Deerspirit123 and i had been roleplaying or should we begin a new one with the lunaris cat's introduction?
CelestialAzure Feb 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Hmm, if you would like we could continue with the previous thread.
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firevampirecat Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Sure! (Lunarisclan's leader is Saturnstar? Right?)
Should we continue with the same thread Deerspirit123 and i had been roleplaying or should we begin a new one with the lunaris cat's introduction?
Could I join by any chance? ;w;
Deerspirit123 Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course c:
CelestialAzure Mar 24, 2013  Student General Artist
I Made the rest of my cats but RingedMoon needs a mate [link] [link] [link]
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